Logics Raleigh North Carolina

About Logics

Logics has been serving governments and utility authorities since 1973. Logics has extensive experience implementing software and hardware systems for some of the most prominent and successful local governments, county governments and utility authorities.

We supply software solutions including fund accounting and utility management for all types of governments and power, water and sewerage districts and municipalities.

Our Beliefs

  • The ultimate test of a job well done is that our customers give us good references and more business.
  • People wish to excel and grow. They will if they are given the opportunity and guided and trained.
  • Logics is bigger than the sum of its parts. Teamwork can accomplish goals that individuals may not be able to. Our organization is built on everyone’s strengths.

Our Principles

Each member of our Team will:

  • Speak honestly
  • Act with integrity
  • Set ambitious goals
  • Share the rewards