Time and Attendance

Logics Time & Attendance is an advanced client/server time-tracking solution that increases productivity, tracks employee attendance more accurately, and allows companies to effectively manage their workforce. The business rule-based options provided by the system are imperative when dealing with numerous employees and multiple schedules. Business rules, such as employee schedules, grace periods and overtime rules, can be defined at the company, organization, and/or employee level.

Time & Attendance offers flexibility and convenience by eliminating the use of timecards. Multiple clocking options are available to collect employees’ time. Whether using PC, web-based, badge/swipe, or biometric clocking options, the process is completely paperless.

Time & Attendance can be implemented as a stand-alone module or integrated to Logics Payroll and/or Logics Human Resources. When integrated, the products utilize one masterfile database which eliminates redundant data entry. Integration to the other Logics applications ensures a company’s payroll and HR departments are always working with current employee information.

Logics Time and Attendance provides your business with the following:


Logics Time & Attendance provides unlimited user-defined schedules that can be assigned to groups or to individual employees. This process enables companies to effectively manage their workforce.

Logics Time & Attendance scheduling feature allows companies to:

  • Mass assign schedules
  • Define alternating schedules
  • Ensure adequate schedule coverage at all times


Employee absenteeism can be very costly to a company if not managed properly. Logics Time & Attendance offers unlimited attendance history and online viewing of real-time transactions such as clocking events and leave requests. In today’s legal environment, compliancy and reporting are critical to an organization’s success.

With the Logics Time & Attendance leave request feature, companies can:

  • Access employees’ leave hours and attendance history
  • Enable employees to view leave balances and request time off
  • View employee leave display by month


There may be a difference in policies among various departments and among individual employees within an organization. Logics Time & Attendance allows user-defined business policies at the company, organization, and/or employee level.

Logics Time & Attendance allows companies to:

  • Configure policies for date/time, overtime, rounding, and much more based on company, organization, and/or employee
  • Establish grace periods for each transaction type to trigger noti cation of schedule violations
  • Determine valid transaction types such as clocking for meals, breaks, and transfers


Logics Time & Attendance eliminates paper timesheets and other error-prone manual processes which increases pay- roll ef ciency and accuracy. Logics Time & Attendance timecard feature allows companies to:

  • Approve timecards daily or at the end of each pay period
  • Display actual and rounded time as well as employees’ scheduled time
  • Create user-defined authorization codes with assigned point values for perfect attendance and disciplinary tracking
  • Accumulate employee hours by job number or job class


Logics Time & Attendance provides companies with many standard reports and selection options to meet your managerial, compliance, and strategic planning needs. Report features in Logics Time & Attendance include:

  • Ability to generate standard reports to monitor employee data
  • Option to export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF
  • Ad hoc reporting with third party report writers such as Crystal Reports


  • Badge/Swipe
  • Biometric
  • Wedge reader
  • PC/Terminal
  • Telephony

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