eLockBox Pro

Logics eLockBox Pro solution contains the following features:

  • No more paper online banking checks from your customers
  • Online banking payments are deposited in two days, not a week or more
  • Your customer pays their bill using their bank’s online bill pay feature
  • Customer’s bank sends electronic notice of payment to MidSouth Imaging
  • MidSouth Imaging deposits money in your bank account and e-mails you an import file that is ready to be downloaded from the MidSouth website
  • You download a daily file from MidSouth and import it as a batch into Cash Collections
  • You distribute and update the batch like any other batch of payments
  • Midsouth Imaging allows you to redefine the correct account numbers for customers who have incorrectly listed the wrong account number giving you more accurate recording


  • Interface Fee
  • Annual Maintenance Fee
  • $.13 transaction fee to MidSouth imaging per payment

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