Google has developed an online tool to determine if your website is mobile friendly. I encourage you to use it to test your website.

Why is it important to be mobile-friendly?

More Google searches now take place on mobile devices than desktop computers. This means your customers, and potential customers, are more likely to use a smartphone or tablet to search for your utility online than they are to use a computer.

You’ve gone to great lengths to be sure your website is informative, so why not insure it can be viewed equally as well from the devices your customers are most likely to use?

In addition to making sure your website is mobile-friendly, take a minute to verify your Google Places listing is up-to-date.

Take the Mobile-Friendly Test

All you have to do to use the tool is enter your website URL at

If your website passes the test, as this blog does, the results will look like this (clicking on the graphic will open a larger image in a new window):

Mobile-friendly test pass

If your website doesn’t pass the test, like the Logics website (don’t worry – we’re working on this!), the results will look similar to this:

Mobile-friendly test fail

If your site is not mobile-friendly, the rightmost column offers links with recommendations for remedying the situation and making your site mobile-friendly.

Not sure if your website is as informative as it could be?

Have you wondered if your website is as informative as it could be? I’m offering a complimentary review of your website tor the first five people who e-mail me at

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